French door refrigerators are usually very convenient to use, come with plenty of amazing features, and have a large capacity so that you’re able to store all kinds of food items. The main reason why not everyone has a French door fridge in their kitchen is that they’re usually kind of chunky.

Their dimensions are such that even if you manage to fit one in together with other kitchen items, it may look strange. The good news is that there is a solution. A simple one – you just need to look for smallest French door refrigerator.

And we’re going to help you out with your quest. Here are a couple of reviews dealing with smallest size French door refrigerators. Read them carefully and you’ll be able to find your ideal fridge!

Blomberg BRFD2230SS

Elegant French Door Fridge with Decent Capacity

This is really an ideal French door refrigerator for small spaces, because despite its small dimensions (29.9 x 35.8 x 69.8 inches), it has a pretty decent capacity (22.3 cubic feet). It’s also very good in terms of performances, not to mention that the fridge is packed with amazing features.


  • Stainless steel finish – The finish makes the fridge look elegant, while also making the cleaning job easy. It’s because this finish is smudge-resistant. 
  • Ice and water dispenser – Inside the fridge, there’s an ice machine that can make up to 11 pounds of ice, using filtered water.


  • Compact size – You will be able to fit it in your kitchen as the fridge has pretty compact dimensions. But, being compact doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have large capacity. On the contrary, with 22.3 cu. ft., this is a pretty spacious fridge.
  • Nice design – With stainless steel finish and no eye-poking external features, this fridge is guaranteed to look nice in your kitchen.


  • Interior ice dispenser – The ice machine is placed inside the fridge, meaning that you need to open it each time you want to get yourself some ice cubes or a glass of cool water. 

Bosch B21CT80SNS

Compact Fridge with Fantastic Performances

Bosch B21CT80SNS might be the best French door refrigerator for small spaces. Its dimensions are pretty compact and its finish makes it look lovely in any kitchen. On top of that, the fridge is very good when it comes to cooling. This means that you can expect it to provide you with top-level cooling performances for years and years.


  • Dual AirCool System – This system is responsible for providing even temperatures throughout the fridge. It also ensures a minimal odor transfer, meaning that the stored foods will remain fresh for a long time.
  • Stainless steel finish – The finish not only makes it look lovely but also very easy to clean.


  • Performance – When it comes to cooling performances, you won’t be able to find too many fridges that come even near to Bosch B21CT80SNS.
  • Elegant design – It doesn’t matter what kind of design you have in your kitchen; this fridge will look lovely.


  • Not too many features – It would be great if this fridge came with some features like external temperature monitor, in-door ice dispenser, and so on.


Compact Size, Multitude of Features

Now here’s smallest French door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser that you definitely need to take a look at. The reason is that it’s full of amazing features. First of all, there’s the Family Hub feature on the right door, which is basically a large touchscreen. 

You can use it to set up the temperature but also to manage your daily life. There’s also an external ice dispenser, as well as a freezer with two separate compartments.


  • Family Hub – Remember how back in the day, people used to leave notes on fridge doors. With Samsung RF22NPEDBSR, just need to type them in the Family Hub.
  • Wi-Fi – You can connect this fridge to your smartphone and control it remotely.
  • External ice machine – The fact that there’s an in-door ice dispenser means that you can get ahold of ice cubes whenever you feel like it.
  • 2-compartment freezer – There’s one large freezer compartment, as well as one drawer which allows you to stay organized with your frozen foods.


  • Plenty of features – The fridge is packed with useful features, so you’re guaranteed to love using it.
  • Amazing performances – Same as any other Samsung fridge, this one too is expected to work fine for many, many years.


  • Price – Samsung RF22NPEDBSR is the most expensive fridge on our list, but considering how awesome it is, it definitely deserves your attention.


There you are, our three picks for the best small French door refrigerator. Choose one of these and you won’t make a bad decision. You’ll get yourself a compact fridge that will look nice and provide you with superb performances over the years.

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