Those looking to get a new refrigerator will have noticed that there are two main designs to choose from. These are different in terms of compartmentalization but are also suited to kitchens of different sizes. For example, the side by side models have shorter doors, and as a result, will fit in smaller rooms. On the other hand, they require space both to the left as well as to the right in order to open both doors at the same time.

A general look at the differences between French door and side by side models

Most side by side vs French door refrigerator articles usually put a lot of emphasis on how the two designs are largely one and the same, however, there are a few differences that can go a long way when you do not have a lot of room in the kitchen or like to have everything well organized.

Side by side refrigerators only have to doors, and that the freezer and the fridge areas are arranged vertically and are not stacked one on top of the other. In other words, of the two large vertical doors, one of them is for the freezer and the other one is for the fridge. On the other hand, French door appliances can have as many as 3 or 4 doors, and the freezer is often positioned below the fridge section. 

It depends on how much space you have

This brings us to another important difference when talking about side by side vs French door refrigerator, namely the size requirements. While the former ones require less space in front of the appliance due to the fact that the doors are shorter and can be opened separately, the latter type of refrigerators can come with a one-door bottom freezer that may require more space to open

French door models are more expensive

There is also an important financial element that must be taken into consideration when choosing between a French door refrigerator vs side by side model. Generally speaking, French-style models are more expensive due to the fact that they offer more storage space. Furthermore, there seem to be fewer models than side by side ones, so those who are on a budget may have a harder time finding an appliance that fits their needs.

Technology moves forward

It is important to remember that despite the price differences when looking at a French door fridge vs side by side one, both are likely to have the same number of functions and quality of life features. 

Manufacturers are constantly looking for new technologies to integrate into both of these designs, and they are currently evenly matched. 

This having been said, if you have little room to spare in your kitchen, or do not want to have to bend down every time you want to get something out of the freezer, then a side by side model is the better choice. However, if you want a bigger freezer and have a larger budget, then you may want to consider getting a French-style model.

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