It’s a common knowledge that Samsung products are amazing. Not only are they built to last for a long time but they’re also packed with useful features. We’re talking about all the products that have ever come out of Samsung factories, which includes fridges as well.

There’s a slight problem, though. Samsung’s offer is huge, so you can easily get lost among dozens of different products. If you’re looking for a good Samsung French door fridge, your job is not going to be easy unless you have someone to guide you through everything.

The good news is that you have us! We’re now going to help you find an ideal fridge for your kitchen. The only thing you got to do is go through these five Samsung French door refrigerator reviews. So, here they are!

​Samsung RF26HFENDWW

25.5 Cu. Ft. Fridge at a Very Reasonable Price

The first item on our list is a fridge that proves that your don’t have to spend too much money in order to get yourself a quality French door refrigerator with amazing performances. Speaking of performances, this fridge is simply sublime. It also has a pretty decent capacity (25.5 cubic feet), as well as a number of amazing features.


  • Twin Cooling system – This system ensures that the temperature is even throughout the fridge. It’s also responsible for maintaining the humidity inside the fridge.
  • Filtered icemaker – The icemaker is placed inside the freezer and it features a water filter.


  • Great performances – When it comes to cooling, this fridge is sensational.
  • Decent capacity – Its capacity is 25.5 cu. ft. which is more than enough for regular users.
  • Filtered icemaker – The water is filtered before turned into ice cubes.
  • Reasonable price – With a price of just over a thousand dollars, this is one of the cheapest French door fridges you can find.


  • Icemaker placement – The icemaker is placed inside the freezer, which is at the bottom.

​Samsung RF26J7500SR

Stainless Steel Fridge with Front Control

The second of our Samsung 25.5 French door refrigerator reviews is focused on a beautifully designed fridge that comes with plenty of useful features. Take a look at some of them below and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


  • CoolSelect pantry – The pantry has several compartments with adjustable temperatures.
  • Front control – The control panel is placed upfront, so you don’t have to open the fridge in order to set the temperature.
  • Front ice dispenser – The icemaker is always at your reach, without the need to open the door. Furthermore, it also has a built-in water filter.


  • Nice design – With its stainless steel finish, this fridge does look really nice.
  • Easy to use – It has a temperature control upfront, just above the ice dispenser.


  • Price – Could’ve been slightly cheaper.

​Samsung RF23J9011SR

Four-Door Counter-Depth Stainless Steel Fridge

The first thing you will notice about this fridge is that its freezer has two doors, which definitely adds to convenience. Actually, the entire fridge was designed to maximize the users’ convenience. Just take a look at its features and you’ll see what we mean.


  • External ice and water dispenser – The ice and water dispenser is placed upfront and has a built-in filtration system.
  • Digital Touch control panel – The control panel is placed just above the ice dispenser, so you can reach it easily.


  • Convenient to use – The fridge is designed to be easy to use, plus it has a front control panel.
  • Ice & water dispenser – Not only is it placed conveniently upfront, but it also has a water filter built-in.


  • Capacity – The total capacity of the fridge is 22.5 cubic feet, which might not be enough for the needs of large families.

​Samsung RF28HMEDBSR

Large French Door Fridge with Two Freezer Compartments

The fact that the total capacity of the fridge is 28.15 means that there’s plenty of room to place all kinds of foods. It also has two freezer compartments, which helps you stay more organized. On top of everything, its cooling performances are simply brilliant. So, if you’re looking for Samsung 4 door French door refrigerator reviews, this is the review you should pay attention to.


  • FlexZone Drawer – This is a drawer of the freezer whose temperature you can adjust quickly and easily. Depending on the temperature you choose, you can use it for different food items.
  • Twin Cooling Plus – This system ensures the temperature is even throughout the fridge.
  • External ice dispenser – It’s placed in the left door of the fridge, so you can easily reach it.
  • Front control panel – The temperature control is placed externally, meaning that it’s super handy.


  • Large capacity – You can’t find many fridges that have a bigger capacity than this one.
  • Easy to use – The control panel is placed upfront, as well as ice dispenser. The freezer also has two separate compartments with adjustable temperatures.


  • Size – Might be a too chunky for some kitchens.

​Samsung RF23J9011SG

Four-Door Black Stainless Steel Fridge

Here’s another of our Samsung French door counter depth refrigerator reviews. This time, we’re talking about a black stainless steel fridge with four doors called Samsung RF23J9011SG. The thing about this product is that not all Samsung counter depth French door refrigerator reviews on the internet are talking favorably about it. But, in our opinion, this is one of the best fridges you can get. 

Why? Just take a look at its features and you’ll see why!


  • Triple Cooling – this system ensures that the temperature and moisture is even throughout the fridge.
  • Digital Touch controls – The control panel is easy to use and is conveniently placed upfront.
  • Ice dispenser – The in-door ice dispenser is very easy to reach.


  • Finish – Not only does the black stainless steel finish make it look nice but it also makes this fridge resistant to stains.
  • Easy to use – It’s designed in order to add to the convenience of the users.


  • Capacity – With 22.5 cubic feet of capacity, this fridge isn’t the most spacious you can find.


There you have it, our five Samsung French door refrigerator reviews. Hopefully after reading them, you will be able to choose the one that’s best for your kitchen. But, one thing is certain – if you choose one of these, you won’t make a bad decision!

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