If you take a look at the specs of some of the most expensive French door fridges, you will notice a pattern – each one of them is packed with features. Some of those features are undeniably useful, others not so much. At least, for some people.

You, for example, may not need a water dispenser in your fridge. Or perhaps you would find it difficult to connect it to a source of tap water? Whatever the reason why you aren’t too crazy about this feature, you should know that there are lots of top-quality fridges out there without water dispensers. And guess what – they’re usually much cheaper than those that come with that feature.

This means that if you decide to buy the very best French door refrigerator without water dispenser, you probably won’t have to spend too much of your money. And in order to find such a fridge, you just need to go through the reviews found below!

Kenmore 04674015 Elite

Very Affordable 30.6 Cubic Feet Fridge

This is one of the cheapest French door fridges on today’s market. It costs less than two thousand dollars, which is pretty cheap considering that delivery and hookup is included in the price. We, of course, can’t ignore the “elephant in the room” which is the fact that the fridge has huge capacity. And on top of everything, the fridge is pretty impressive when it comes to keeping the food cool and fresh.


  • Adjustable shelves and drawers – Not only does this fridge have a total capacity of over 30 cubic feet, but its interior is adjustable, which allows you to store even more food than you though was possible.
  • Multi Air Flow technology – This system ensures that the air inside the fridge is odorless and clean, which adds to the freshness of the stored food.


  • Huge capacity – One of the reasons why we think this is best French door refrigerator without ice maker or water dispenser is that its capacity is 30.6 cubic feet.
  • Reasonable price – This is a best rated French door refrigerator without water dispenser also for the fact that its price is pretty reasonable.
  • Free delivery & hookup – If you live in the United States, Kenmore won’t charge you for these things.


  • Controls – The controls are inside the fridge, which isn’t too convenient.


Reasonably Prices 20.66 Cubic Feet Fridge with Decent Performances

This fridge does have an ice maker inside the freezer, but you don’t have to hook it up if you don’t want to. It can simply stay there in case you change your mind in the future. That said, the ice maker is just one of many features this fridge comes with.


  • 2-drawer freezer – The freezer has two separate compartments that help the users stay organized if there’s a lot of food stored. 
  • Dual cycle air cooling system – Thanks to this technology, unpleasant odors are not a thing that should worry you.


  • Features & performances – This fridge is very good when it comes to keeping the food fresh, not to mention that it comes with some really awesome features that will make your job in the kitchen much easier.


  • Capacity – Sure, 20.66 cu. ft. is not a small capacity, but it may not be sufficient for large families.


After reading our reviews, you now see that there are some really awesome fridges that don’t have ice/water dispensers. Our advice, actually, is not to make a big deal out of it. That feature should not concern you too much. What matters the most is how good the fridge is at keeping the food fresh.  

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