When it comes to buying any kind of household appliance, not just a French door refrigerator, it’s important to make sure it’s built to last. Unfortunately, there’s no specification that can tell you clearly whether a product is going to last for a long time or break straight away after the warranty period is over.

There is one trick, however, which can help you find a device that’s gonna work fine for many, many years. What you got to do is just take a look at who’s made the device. If it’s manufactured by a reputable brand like LG, you can be sure it’s not going to break easily.

LG is one of the biggest companies on the planet and one of the synonyms for the South Korean industrial boom. Therefore, if you’re currently shopping for a French door refrigerator, our advice is to take a look at what LG has in the offer.

LG’s offer of French door fridges is huge, but don’t let it scare you – we’re here to guide you through it. Rather than letting you wonder through the collection of dozens of different products, we’ve decided to provide you with our top picks. So, here are five of our LG French door refrigerator reviews. We’re sure that after reading them, you will be able to pick the one that’s best for you and your kitchen!

LG LFX25973D

Black Stainless Steel Fridge with In-Door Icemaker

First of all, this fridge looks wonderful with its black stainless steel finish and is guaranteed to look lovely in your kitchen. You’re probably going to be able to fit it in, as its dimensions are 35 3/4 (W) x 68 3/8 (H) x 34 1/4 (D). As you can see, it’s not too chunky, but nevertheless, it has a pretty decent storage space (24 cubic feet). Finally, it has some features that will definitely add to your convenience in the kitchen.


  • 24 cubic feet total capacity – Fridge (16.40) + freezer (7.70). 
  • Two crispers – There are two crispers on the bottom of the fridge, meant to help you keep fruits and vegetables separate.
  • In-door icemaker – The icemaker is placed on the left door of the fridge and is super-easy to use.


  • Sleek design – The fridge is guaranteed to look nice in your kitchen.
  • Large storage space – With a total volume of 24 cu. ft., this fridge has plenty of space for you to store your food.


  • Nothing – Everything about this French door refrigerator seems amazing; it has our utmost recommendation!


High-End French Door Refrigerator with 29 Cu. Ft. Capacity

If you’re looking for a fridge with sensational cooling performances, LG LFXS29626W might be exactly what you need. It’s great at cooling/freezing foods, while also coming with plenty of super-useful features.


  • In-door icemaker – Ice cubs are within your reach with this fridge. Plus, the icemaker provides you with chilled water as well. 
  • Smart Cooling system – This system is there to ensure even temperatures in the entire fridge.


  • Amazing performances – When it comes to cooling, this fridge is among the top products on today’s market. 
  • Large storage space – 29 cubic feet seems more than enough even for large families.
  • Icemaker + water dispenser – Not only is there an ice maker that’s easy to reach but it also serves as water dispenser.


  • Price – Not the cheapest French door refrigerator you can find.


27 Cu. Ft. Capacity Fridge with Linear Compressor

This product is very similar to the two we just discussed in our Frigidaire gallery French door refrigerator reviews. The biggest difference is that this fridge has slightly smaller capacity than LG LFXS29626W but its volume is larger than the volume of LG LFX25973D. And when it comes to the performances and features, it’s as equally awesome as those two.


  • In-door icemaker & water dispenser – The icemaker is easy to reach and apart from providing you with ice cubes, it can also provide you with cold water.
  • Door-in-door feature – Thanks to this design, you can arrange your favorite snacks in front and leave other foods behind.
  • Linear compressor – This type of compressor uses fewer moving parts, meaning that it breaks less often. That’s why LG is giving a 10-year warranty on it.


  • Sturdy & durable – You can be sure this fridge is gonna work fine for years.
  • Full of useful features – Icemaker, water dispenser, door-in-door feature are just some of the things we’re sure you’re gonna love.


  • Price – If its price was slightly lower, this would be the king of our LG French door refrigerator reviews 2018.

LG LFC21776D

21 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator

Black stainless steel finish and compact size make it look nice, but its cooling performances are why we included it in our list of LG French door counter depth refrigerator reviews


  • Size & volume – The fact that this is a counter-depth fridge means that its depth is 30 inches. Because it’s rather compact, its capacity is slightly smaller than of other fridges in our reviews. 
  • Elegant design – We didn’t have intention to focus on LG counter depth French door refrigerator reviews, but this product caught our eye with its simple, yet very classy style.
  • Multi-air flow technology – This feature ensures that the foods that you store remain fresh for a long time.


  • Counter-depth – Thanks to its size, this fridge is guaranteed to fit in your kitchen nicely.
  • Nice design – It looks really nice and stylish, due to its classic French door design and black stainless steel finish.


  • No external icemaker – It would be much better if there was an easy-to-reach icemaker.


Top-Quality 4-Door Fridge

With its black stainless steel finish, LG LMXS28626D looks really nice. Another reason why it’s not like other French door fridges is that it has a two-door freezer. So, if you’ve been looking for LG 4 door French door refrigerator reviews, here’s one for you!


  • 28 cu. ft. capacity – Fridge: 18.6 & freezer: 9.2 cubic feet.
  • Double-freezer – There are two separate compartments in the freezer, with the total capacity of 9.2 cubic feet.
  • In-door icemaker – The icemaker is conveniently placed inside the left door. 


  • Beautiful design – This fridge really looks lovely with its black design.
  • Large capacity – 28 cubic feet is more than enough of storage capacity for most regular users.
  • Double freezer – This is one of the features that add to the versatility.


  • None – We really think there’s nothing bad about this product.


Even if you put a blindfold and pick a random French door fridge made by LG, you won’t make a bad decision. It’s because each LG product is awesome. Still, if you want the very best, we need to say it’s LG LMXS28626D.

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