Kenmore has been in the business of manufacturing household appliances for more than a century. 

Obviously, this company would not be able to survive on the market for so long unless their products were really good. And they are! Kenmore appliances famously provide amazing performances, not to mention that they’re very sturdy and very durable. And that goes for every product that has ever come from Kenmore factories, including French door fridges!

Speaking of fridges, we’ve decided to make some Kenmore elite French door refrigerator reviews in order to help you out with finding the best one. If you’re wondering why you need our help, it’s because Kenmore’s offer is pretty large, so you could get lost among dozens of different fridge models.

So, to ensure you will buy the best possible fridge for your kitchen, all you got to do is read these five reviews!

Kenmore 73022

White French Door Refrigerator With Dual Evaporators

The main reason why we included this product in our Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator reviews is that its cooling performances are really impressive. It’s mainly thanks to the fact that it has dual evaporators, which ensure the temperature is even throughout the fridge. Of course, this is just one of many reasons why we recommend this product. To see others, take a look at the features of Kenmore 73022!


  • 26.1 cubic foot – With over 26 cubic feet of space, this fridge is suitable for even large families.
  • Large door bins – The gallon-sized door bins allow you to place large bottles, jugs, and other types of containers.


  • Delivery included – If you live in the United States, the delivery of this fridge is free of charge.
  • Amazing performances – You can be sure food will stay fresh for a long time if you store it in this fridge.


  • No in-door icemaker – The icemaker is placed inside the fridge, which, to be frank, isn’t too handy.

Kenmore Smart 75043

Stainless Steel French Door Fridge Compatible with Amazon Alexa

The most important thing about this fridge is that it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, meaning that you can control it remotely. When it comes to the performances, it’s equally amazing as the one we discussed in the first review.


  • Wi-Fi – You can connect it to your smartphone or control it with the help of Alexa.
  • Accela Ice – This feature is responsible for producing more ice at a faster pace.
  • In-door icemaker – The icemaker is conveniently placed inside the left door, so you can use it without opening the fridge.


  • Amazing performances – Same as all other Kenmore fridges, this one too is great when it comes to cooling.
  • Useful features – This fridge was designed with user convenience in mind, hence plenty of useful features like in-door icemaker, for instance.
  • Easy-to-use – You can control it remotely by using the Wi-Fi.
  • Free delivery – Delivery and hookup is free for the buyers from the United States.


  • Pricey – Kenmore Smart 75043 definitely isn’t the cheapest French door fridge made by this manufacturer.

Kenmore 73042

White French Door Fridge with In-Door Icemaker

Similarly to the previous two fridges in our reviews, this one too is superb when it comes to cooling performances. Another similarity is that it looks nice and has amazing features.


  • Exterior ice dispenser – The icemaker is placed on the left door, so it’s very easy to reach.
  • 25.6 cubic feet capacity – It has large capacity, plus its interior configuration ensures you can place more food inside.


  • Useful features – Thanks to a number of useful features it comes with, this fringe is a real joy to use.
  • Large space – You can be sure you will be able to place all kinds of food items inside as the capacity is really large. 


  • Price – Could’ve been a bit cheaper.

Kenmore Elite 71323

Counter-Depth French Door Fridge

If you’re searching for Kenmore elite counter depth French door refrigerator reviews, here’s one for you. With the depth of about 33 inches, Kenmore Elite 71323 is basically a counter-depth fridge, meaning that it’s not going to stand out in your kitchen with its design. But, it will stand out with its performances!


  • Stainless steel – Not only does it look nice, but this finish is also easy to clean and almost totally smudge resistant.
  • Multi Air Flow system – Thanks to this technology, the temperature is even throughout the refrigerator.


  • Amazing performances – When it comes to cooling, this fridge is among the best on our list.
  • External ice dispenser – It’s placed in a way that you can reach it easily.


  • Modest capacity – The total capacity of this fridge is 21.8 cu. ft., which isn’t that much.

Kenmore 74113

32 Cubic Feet Capacity Fridge with Smudge-Resistant Stainless Steel Finish

If you were hoping to find some Kenmore Elite 33 cu ft. French door refrigerator reviews, here’s one that basically fits that category. Kenmore 74113 has a total capacity of 32 cubic feet, so it’s as close as it gets.


  • Wi-Fi – You can connect it to your phone or use Alexa to control it.
  • Counter-depth – Here is another of our Kenmore Elite refrigerator counter depth French door reviews, as we believe that this design just must look nice in your kitchen.
  • In-door ice dispenser – The icemaker is at your hands; you can easily reach it without even opening the fridge doors.


  • Large capacity – With nearly 32 cubic feet of space, this is one of the largest fridges on the market.
  • Counter-depth – Despite having a large volume, this fridge has rather compact dimensions.


  • None – Everything about this fridge seems fantastic.


You might have noticed our enthusiasm in the final of our Kenmore Elite French door counter depth refrigerator reviews. This is all because we really believe Kenmore 74113 is one of the best fridges you can buy in 2019. Of course, this doesn’t mean other fridges from our list are not good. On the contrary, each of these refrigerators are a great buying choice.

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