While it may be possible to live for several weeks of months without a kitchen range, a refrigerator is a truly vital part of any and every kitchen. This is especially true in the Summer when food can go off in a couple of hours, however, having a good refrigerator generally means that you can plan your meals in advance for an entire week and store raw ingredients that you’ll cook for the next month.

If you do not know how to buy a refrigerator tips will be invaluable to understanding what you should look for and what you should avoid when you want to make a purchase. These 5 tips will not only teach you how to choose a great product, but also help you do so without going overboard when it comes to money.

Consider how you’ll use the product

The most important part when it comes to how to buy refrigerator is considering how you intend to use it. If you want to buy an appliance that will serve as your kitchen fridge, then the best course of action will be to treat it like an investment; while you may pay more, it will be worth the money in the long run.

However, if you’re looking for a mini-fridge, or just a small appliance that you can use to keep drinks and snacks cold, then a smaller, more basic model should be enough. There is no use in spending a large among of money for a product that you will only use on occasion or that you will only use for a very simple and specific purpose.

Look for features that you’ll actually use

Refrigerators, like any other kitchen appliance, come with a very large number of features. Most manufacturers tend to integrate an overwhelming number of functions into their products in order to impress potential buyers, however, a large number of features does not make a particular model better suited for your needs than one that is more barebones.

Consider if you need quality-of-life features such as extremely large touchscreen control panels, wi-fi connectivity or a 5-door design. While these can make things easier when it comes to cleaning the appliance or keeping an eye on what you have inside it, they also raise the price by a substantial amount. This also applies to other features such as icemakers or water dispenser.

Make a list of the products that you are interested in and focus on eliminating the ones that come with features that you would only use on occasion. This will not only help you remain in your chosen price range, but also ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Always measure before buying

The “How do I know what size refrigerator to buy?” question often plagues those looking to get a new product. The best way to find out what would be the best product for your kitchen, you will have to start measuring. Measure the exact space that you have designated for the refrigerator, including the height, and then consider one of two possibilities:

  • If you intend to place the appliance next to a countertop, it is best to get a product that is slightly smaller than the available space so that you will have a two-inch clearing to clean its sides;
  • On the other hand, if you want to place it somewhere where it is unlikely to come in contact with food, then you can pretty much get one that will fit perfectly. This having been said, you will still have to take it out to clean it, however, this will need to be done much less often;

Plan ahead and look for deals

Refrigerators, like other household appliances go on sales all the time. Usually, the more a product costs, the bigger the deal will be on it. Keep your eyes open and make sure that when a product that suits your needs goes on sale, you don’t miss it. This having been said, if you’re trying to spend as little as possible on a brand-new product, decide on what features you want and then wait until a refrigerator with those features comes on sale.

Get a refurbished or used product if you’re on a budget

While getting a product that has fewer features or is smaller will help you save money, if you are on a really tight budget, then you may find yourself having to look for products that are refurbished, or are sold as second-hand.

Now, in order to get a great deal, you have to know how to buy a used refrigerator. The process of choosing an appliance to buy is much more difficult when taking about used products, however, this course of action will help you save a lot of money. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking to get a used refrigerator:

  • Always try to make it so that you can inspect the appliance before buying it;

It is usually not a good idea to get a used product off the internet due to the fact that the seller can easily lie about its condition. Inspecting the product, you will be able to open it and test its various functions and controls.

  • Check to see when the product was bought and if the person selling it is the original owner;

While getting a used appliance is not a big deal, you should avoid buying a product that is either older than 3 years, or that has had more than one previous owner. Also, remember to ask the person why he is selling it. 

  • Does it have all the accessories and spare parts?

Getting a used appliance means that you have room to negotiate. Ask the seller if the product comes with the accessories that it is supposed to have, and if he still has the spare parts that these appliances often come with, such as spare hinges or brackets. If accessories are missing, then you may be able to have the seller lower the price.

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