Founded by Thomas Edison back in 1892, General Electric is one of the most famous brands on the planet. This company has been manufacturing all kinds of devices from all kinds of industries, including aviation, transportation, energy, and so on.

Still, in America, GE is sort of synonymous with household appliances. In fact, a majority of American households have at least one appliance manufactured by this company. The reason why General Electric is so popular is that their products are extremely reliable and full of innovative features meant to add to the convenience of the users.

All of this means that if you’re planning to get yourself a French door fridge, you won’t make a mistake if you choose one that’s made by General Electric. Of course, you surely want the very best one, which is why we’ve decided to help you out. Here are four GE French door refrigerator reviews which are guaranteed to help you with making the right decision!


Affordable French Door Fridge with Superb Performances

Although this fridge isn’t packed with features like many other GE products, it definitely deserves your attention. The reason is that its cooling performances are really top-class. On top of that, it’s made to last, so you have nothing to worry about that it will break or stop performing at a top level after a while. And the final

reason why you ought to seriously think about getting this fridge is that its price is more than reasonable.


  • Multiflow Air System – Thanks to this system, the temperature is even throughout the fridge.
  • Turbo Cool – This feature is there to make your foods cool as quickly as possible, eliminating any possibility of it getting spoiled.
  • Customizable interior – The total capacity of the fridge is 24.8 cu. ft. which is pretty decent, but on top of that, you can also customize its shelves and compartments, thus making more room for your food items.


  • Affordable price – You can’t find many other French door fridges at such affordable price.
  • Great performances – When it comes to cooling, this fridge is sensational.


  • Lack of useful features – It would be much better if the fridge came with more useful features, like an external ice dispenser for example.


Counter-Depth Fridge, Packed with Useful Features

We continue our GE Profile French door refrigerator reviews with the talk about a fridge that’s guaranteed to look nice in your kitchen. First of all, it’s because its finish is stainless steel, which has become a sort of preferred option lately, especially with high-end appliances.

Apart from that, its dimensions are such that it’s not too chunky. In fact, its width is 32 inches, so this is basically a counter-depth fridge. And on top of everything, this fridge comes with plenty of useful features. Let’s take a look at some of them!


  • In-door ice dispenser – The ice dispenser is conveniently placed inside the left door of the refrigerator.
  • Keurig K-cup brewer – The fridge has a built-in coffee brewer, compatible with K-cups.


  • Nice design – The fridge looks nice and its compact design makes it fit perfectly in any kitchen.
  • Useful features – This fridge is packed with useful features which will make your everyday tasks much easier.


  • Not too large capacity – For some users, 22.2. Cubic feet of capacity might not be enough.


Slate Finish Fridge with Front Control Panel and External Icemaker

So far, we’ve dealt with all kinds of reviews, including GE profile counter depth French door refrigerator reviews. Now it’s time to review a fridge from GE’s Adora series. The product in question is GE DFE28JMKES, a beautiful fridge with a slate finish and plenty of useful features.


  • Front control panel – The temperature control is placed upfront, meaning that you can easily reach it.
  • Icemaker – The icemaker is placed just below the control panel, so it’s pretty handy.


  • Amazing performances – If you take a look at any GE Adora French door refrigerator reviews, you will notice that GE DFE28JMKES is the most loved of all the fridges from this series of products.
  • Nice design – With its slate finish, this fridge is bound to look nice in your kitchen.


  • Price – It’s not the cheapest French door fridge in GE’s offer.


27.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Fridge

We finish our GE refrigerator French door reviews with a large-capacity fridge that’s full of useful features. The capacity of GE PFE28PSKSS is 27.8 cubic feet which is really a lot, even for large families. On top of that, the fridge is packed with amazing features, which will make you fall in love with it.


  • Wi-Fi – You can connect this fridge to your smartphone and control it remotely.
  • Keurig K-Cup brewer – This fridge can make coffee for you, all you need is use K-cups.
  • External icemaker – You don’t have to open the fridge doors in order to get yourself some ice cubes or chilled water.


  • Huge capacity – With 27.8 cu. ft. capacity, this is one of the fridges with the largest volume you can find in GE’s offer.
  • Amazing features – Wi-Fi connectivity, coffee brewer, icemaker, are just some of the amazing features that this fridge has.


  • Price – It’s not the cheapest fridge on our list, but considering how awesome it is, it’s definitely worth buying.


Now that you’ve read our GE French door refrigerator reviews, you will know how to choose the best one. Actually, if you pick one of these, you won’t make a bad decision. But, if you want nothing but the very best for your kitchen, then our advice is to go with GE PFE28PSKSS.

We love everything about this fridge and although its price is slightly higher than the rest, it’s definitely worth it. In fact, to be completely frank, we are wondering why this fridge isn’t much, much expensive. After all, fridges with similar features that are made by other brands cost even two times as much.

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