While it may be possible to survive for a longer period of time without a kitchen range, a refrigerator is essential for those who like to always have some food on hand, even if it does not require any cooking. This type of appliance comes in many shapes and sizes, and in order to find the one that best fits your needs, you must consider what kind of lifestyle you have.

The most obvious choice when it comes to choosing a great refrigerator is also the most important: is it better to choose an appliance that has features focused on the refrigerator section, or on the freezer section

The following two models are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as there are French door refrigerators that also have one-door bottom freezers, however, for this article, we will focus on the functional differences between French door models that have the freezer to the side, and regular refrigerators that only have bottom freezer space.

French door refrigerators

The choice between a French door refrigerator vs bottom freezer designs is a matter of what kind of food you cook and in what quantity. French door refrigerators are usually side by side models that have a lower freezer.

Products that fall in this category are usually extremely well compartmentalized and are more suited to individuals who do not have large kitchens. This model is generally extremely useful due to the fact that the doors are short and need less space to open than in the case of regular refrigerators. This having been said, there are a lot of models that have the freezer to the side, so the appliance would be vertically segmented between refrigeration and freezing.

This can make these models great for those who regularly freeze food, or take it out of the refrigerator as they have easy access to every level of the freezer.

Bottom freezer refrigerator models

Bottom freezer models are not usually designed to cater to the needs of those who like to freeze a lot of food and only rarely use it. The bottom, freezer, section opens independently of the fridge area and requires more space for the door to swing open. 

This having been said, it is also important to keep in mind that while a French door, offers easy access to the freezer contents, bottom freezer models are not as well compartmentalized and can lead to layering food, which means that if you want to grab something from the bottom, you will have to get everything above it out first.


In the end, the main difference between bottom freezer vs French door models is that one offers a much more organized freezer than the other. The tow models are relatively similar when it comes to price, however, one-door bottom freezer models are generally speaking easier to find due to the fact that they have been around for a while and most manufacturers already produce at least a dozen products. French door ones are newer and may be slightly more difficult to find.

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