Ice dispenser is definitely an amazing feature, there’s no doubt about it. So, you might be wondering why you would even consider getting a French door refrigerator without ice maker. Well, the reason is pretty simple – such fridges are usually much more affordable. 

A thing about French door fridges is that they aren’t very cheap, at least not when compared to other types of fridges. And the rule of thumb is that the more features the fridge has, the more expensive it is. So, if you’re not too crazy about cool water and cubes of ice, then you won’t mind picking a French door refrigerator without ice maker or water dispenser.

And this means that by saving money on extra features, you will be able to focus only on fridges that provide superb cooling performances. In order to help you out with finding the best French door refrigerator without ice maker, we’ve decided to write a couple of reviews. So, here they are!

LG LFC21776D

Black Stainless Steel Counter Depth Fridge with 20.9 Cubic Feet Capacity

The first thing you will notice about this product is that it looks very nice. And it’s not just because of its black stainless steel finish which makes it smudge-proof, thus easy to clean. It’s also because this fridge’s dimensions are such that it fits nicely in any kitchen. Finally, there are no eye-poking external features, like ice maker, for example.  


  • Multi-Air Flow Technology – This system was designed to ensure the stored food remains fresh for a long time.
  • Smudge-proof finish – The black stainless steel finish of the fridge makes it very easy to clean, as it’s fingerprint-resistant.


  • Impressive performances – When it comes to cooling performances, this fridge is top-class.
  • Nice design – The black stainless steel finish makes the fridge looks very elegant, while the fact that there are no external features like ice dispenser means the fridge is guaranteed to blend in nicely with other kitchen elements.


  • None – We like literally everything about this fridge. 

Kenmore 73002

White French Door fridge With No External Ice Dispenser

Manufactured by a famous American brand, this product is guaranteed to work fine for ages. Apart from being durable, the fridge also deserves your attention because its cooling performances are really superb.


  • SmartSense & CleanFlow technology – These features ensure the temperature is the same in all parts of the fridge. On top of that, the system also purifies the air inside the fridge, ensuring that the stored foods stay fresh longer.
  • Internal ice maker – The ice maker is placed inside the fridge and is very easy to use.  


  • DimensionsThis is a counter depth French door refrigerator without ice maker, which means that its depth is such that it doesn’t stick out from other kitchen elements.
  • Affordable price – This is one of the cheapest French door fridges on the market. Plus, if you live in the United States, Kenmore won’t charge you delivery and hookup.


  • Capacity – With 19.5 cubic feet capacity, this fridge might not be large enough for the needs of large families.


Whether there’s an external ice dispenser or not shouldn’t mean too much to you if the cooling performances of the fridge are awesome. That said, these two fridges are bound to impress you.

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