Why we think that it’s important for a French door fridge to have a freezer at the bottom? Well, you’re probably going to use the fridge much more often that the freezer. This way, the foods that you’re gonna use frequently are easy to reach.

But, not all French door fridge manufacturers share our opinion. Some don’t think that freezer should be at the bottom. This means that you can get confused and choose to buy one that has a freezer placed at the top or one that doesn’t even come with a freezer.

If your mind is set up on buying a French door bottom freezer refrigerator, we’re now going to help you find it.

Therefore, we’ve decided to present you with a couple of French door bottom freezer refrigerator reviews. We believe that after reading them, you will be able to choose the best one.

Whirlpool WRX735SDHW

Four-Door Fridge with Adjustable Interior

Not only does this fridge have a large capacity (nearly 25 cubic feet), but it also has adjustable interior. This means that you can place the shelves in order to be able to store more food inside. There’s also a drawer between the fridge and the freezer where you can store food items that you often need. We’re talking juices, snacks, and so on. There’s also an external ice maker, as well as many other useful features.


  • Bottom freezer – The freezer is placed at the bottom and has the capacity of 6.7 cubic feet. Right above the freezer, there’s a fridge drawer, on top of which there’s the main refrigerator compartment. 
  • Adjustable shelves – You can set the height of the shelves anyway you want, thus ensuring all your food items will get in easily.
  • External ice maker – The ice maker is conveniently placed inside the left fridge door so that you can reach it easily whenever you feel like having cool water or ice cubes.
  • External control panel – The controls are placed right above the ice dispenser, meaning that you can set the temperature without opening the fridge.


  • Large capacity – This Whirlpool refrigerator French door bottom freezer has nearly 7 cubic feet of space, while the 18 cubic feet fridge has adjustable shelves, meaning that you will be able to find room for all kinds of foods.
  • Amazing features – The fridge is full of features that make the users love using it.


  • None – We honestly can’t find a single bad thing about this fridge.


High-Performance Fridge with Plenty of Amazing Features

The first reason why this may be the best bottom freezer French door refrigerator is that it looks really nice, so you can be sure it will look lovely in your kitchen. The second reason is that, same as any other LG fridge, this one too is capable of producing amazing performances. The final reason is that LG LFXS29626W is packed with some really useful features.


  • Large capacity – With 29 cubic feet of storage capacity, this is one of the largest fridges you can find. 
  • External ice maker – The icemaker and water dispenser is placed on the left side, so that you can reach it easily.


  • Amazing performances – There aren’t many fridges that can compare to this one in terms of cooling performances.
  • Useful features – There are many useful features that make this fridge easy and fun to use.
  • Decent design – The fridge really does look nice and it’s guaranteed it will look lovely in your kitchen.


  • Might be too large – It’s a bit chunky fridge, so unless your kitchen is large enough, it may stand out.


Reasonably Priced Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator with Superb Performances

Both the fridge and the freezer have their own refrigeration systems, which ensures that the stored food remains fresh for a long time. The fridge also has a two-drawer freezer with a pretty decent capacity, as well as many other super-useful features.


  • Stainless steel finish – The finish makes the fridge look nice, as well as make it easy to clean.
  • External controls – You don’t have to open the fridge in order to adjust the temperature.
  • 2-drawer freezer – This refrigerator French door bottom freezer has two separate drawers, adding to the user convenience.


  • Elegant design – With stainless steel finish and no flashy external features, this fridge is guaranteed to look nice in your kitchen.
  • Convenient to use – The four-door fridge is designed to be simple to use, hence so many useful features, like external control, for example.


  • Capacity – With total capacity of 20 cubic feet, this isn’t the largest French door fridge you can find.

Samsung RF23J9011SR

Four-Door Counter-Depth Fridge

One of the reasons why we think this may be the best counter depth French door bottom freezer refrigerator is that it has four doors. Two doors on the fridge are a standard, but Samsung RF23J9011SR has two vertical freezer doors as well. Obviously, that adds to your convenience, making it easier for you to reach the stored items. And that’s just one of many things about this fridge that are designed with convenience in mind.


  • External ice dispenserThe ice and water dispenser is built-in left door, meaning that you can reach it easily.
  • Digital touch controls – The controls are placed just above the ice dispenser, which is another thing that adds to your convenience.


  • Decent capacity – With 22.5 cu. ft. of storage space, this fridge is large enough. Plus, its interior is adjustable, meaning that you will be able to fit in all the foods you want.
  • Useful features – Samsung designed this fridge to be very user-friendly, hence so many useful features.


  • None – This may very well be the best French door bottom freezer refrigerator on today’s market.


We’re sure that after reading our reviews, you will be able to make the right choice. Of course, if you’re not too impressed with these four French door fridge models, feel free to browse our website for more reviews.

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