A great thing about French door refrigerators is that they have large capacity. That makes them a great choice for large families. The problem is that with a big capacity comes a big size. It’s definitely true that some models are pretty chunky and can look really strange in your kitchen. So, before buying one, you need to do some measuring first. 

But, even if your kitchen isn’t too large, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a French door refrigerator. You just need to pick the right size. And which size that might be? Well, “counter depth” is the term you should pay attention to. Getting yourself the best counter depth French door refrigerator means that it will not stand out in your kitchen. At least not in a bad way. It will blend in nicely with other kitchen elements. 

Of course, the dimensions of the fridge aren’t the only thing you need to pay attention to. When shopping for a new refrigerator, you need to make sure that it has the right capacity for the needs of your family, but it also needs to come with all the features you may find handy. 

So, how are you supposed to find a product that fits the description? By reading our counter depth French door refrigerators reviews!

Kenmore PRO 79993

Stainless Steel Counter Depth Fridge with Plenty of useful Features

Made by a reliable American brand, Kenmore PRO 79993 might be the very best French door counter depth refrigerator. First of all, its cooling performances are really great and the fridge is made to work fine for a really long time. It also looks very nice and has plenty of useful features. Let’s check out some of them!


  • In-door ice dispenser – You can get ice whenever you feel like it, because the dispenser is placed very conveniently in the left door of the fridge. Apart from ice, you can also pour cold filtered water.
  • 23.7 cubic feet capacity – This refrigerator has so much capacity that it’s a great choice even for large families.
  • 3-Tier freezer drawer – The freezer allows you to keep your frozen foods well-organized.
  • Air-tight crisper – You surely want your fruits and vegetables to remain fresh as long as possible and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you use the crisper.


  • Quality & durability – The mere fact that it’s manufactured by Kenmore means that this fridge is going to work fine for a long time.
  • Useful features – The fridge is packed with useful features that will make your job in the kitchen much easier.
  • Beautiful design – The size and the stainless steel finish are guaranteed to make this fridge look lovely in your kitchen.
  • Free delivery and hookup – If you live in the United States, Kenmore will not charge you for delivery and installation of this fridge.


  • None – This fridge may very well carry the title of the best counter depth French door refrigerator 2019!


4-Door French Fridge with Touch Screen Family Hub™

It’s not cheap, we gotta tell you that, but when you learn more about Samsung RF22NPEDBSR, you’re gonna fall in love with this fridge. Its performances are fantastic, that goes without saying. The fridge is also built to last for a really long time, which shouldn’t surprise you considering that Samsung made it. But, what really make Samsung RF22NPEDBSR deserve a place on this list is the fact that it’s packed with amazing features.


  • Family Hub – There’s a large touchscreen on the right fridge door, which you can use not only to control the temperature of the fridge but also to organize your daily life. In the past, people used to put notes on the fridge; with Samsung RF22NPEDBSR, you just need to type them in.
  • External ice dispenser – Ice is always there at your hand, as the ice dispenser is built-in the left door.
  • Adjustable shelves and drawers – The capacity of the fridge is 22 cubic feet, but the fact that you can arrange the inside of the fridge means that you will be able to find enough room for all kinds of food items.


  • Amazing features – This fridge is full of super-useful features, so using it is not only easy, but fun as well.
  • Quality & durability – Made by Samsung, this fridge is guaranteed to provide you with nothing but the top performances for many, many years.


  • Price – It’s not cheap, but is definitely worthy of its price tag.


Elegant Design, Superb Performances

Here’s another fridge made by a reputable company. This time, it’s LG we’re talking about. The South Korean manufacturer is famous for the quality and durability of its products, as well as for all the features it comes with. Here are some of them!


  • 21 cubic feet capacity – There’s plenty of room in the fridge to store a huge amount of food. The best thing is that spill-protect glass shelves are adjustable, so you will be able to store in all kinds of food items.
  • Roller wheels – Moving the fridge from one place to another is going to be easy as this one comes with roller wheels.


  • Elegant design – The LG French door refrigerator counter depth design and stainless steel finish make it look really nice. And the fact that there are no eye-poking features on the exterior of the fridge means that it’s bound to fit well in with other kitchen elements, regardless of the design of your kitchen.
  • Performances – This fridge is superb when it comes to cooling. It’s even better than some much more expensive products.


  • Not too many features – Although it has all the main features, the fridge lacks some options that would make your job in the kitchen more fun.


Affordable French Door Fridge with Elegant Design

You can be sure that SMAD HC-767 will look nice in your kitchen. With its French door refrigerator counter depth of 30 inches and stainless steel finish, this fridge will not stand out from other kitchen elements. It will not stand out with its design, but it sure will with its performances and amazing features.


  • External control – The control panel is placed on the left fridge door, meaning that you don’t have to open the fridge in order to set the temperature.
  • Double freezer – There are two separate drawers in the freezer, each of which can be opened independently.
  • 20 cubic feet capacity – You may not think that this is a lot, but considering that it comes with adjustable fridge shelves and two separate freezer drawers, you will be able to store a lot of food.


  • Elegant design – The fridge looks nice, so regardless of the design of your kitchen, it must blend in nicely.
  • Reasonable price – This is the cheapest fridge on our list.


  • Capacity – It would be nice if the capacity was at least slightly bigger.

Kitchen Aid KRFC704FPS

High-End Fridge with Breathtaking Performances

Just by looking at it, you will realize that this counter depth French door refrigerator KitchenAid-made masterpiece has amazing performances. With no superfluous features to stand out, the fridge looks really elegant and its stainless steel finish makes it look mighty. And it really is; when it comes to cooling performances, there aren’t many fridges that can compare to Kitchen Aid KRFC704FPS. 


  • External ice dispenser – It has a handy ice dispenser built-in the left fridge door. This means that whenever you need some ice, you can get it without opening the fridge.
  • PrintShield™ Finish – This finish makes the fridge smudge-resistant. This means that cleaning it is a piece of cake.
  • 24 cubic feet capacity – This is enough storage space even for some large families. 


  • Superb performances – When it comes to cooling, this fridge is among the best on the market. Plus, you can be certain that it’s going to work very well for ages.
  • Easy to use – This fridge was made with user convenience in mind, hence the high number of useful features.
  • Beautiful design – The fridge is guaranteed to look nice in your kitchen and its stainless steel finish is smudge-proof, which means less cleaning work for you.


  • Price – The fridge is not cheap, but considering how amazing it is, it definitely deserves a closer look.


We are sure that after reading our reviews of best counter depth French refrigerators you will be able to make the right choice. Now that you know how awesome these fridges can be, all that’s left is to decide which one is the best for you. You can pick any of these five fridges and you won’t make a mistake.

Still, our advice is to take some time and think which features and options you need. Also take into account your budget before making the final decision. But, if money is no issue for you, then there’s really no need to think too much – get yourself Kitchen Aid KRFC704FPS! You will make the right choice as this fridge will give you flawless performances for years or even decades to come.

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